FROM CES: Kodak PixPro S-1 MFT camera and lenses in April 2014

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Re: BSI-CMOS sensor?

Yes, I was also curious about that. It is a said to be a Sony sensor in the Kodak. Sony made the RX100 mkII to have the first to my knowledge BSI 1 inch sensor. This would mean if it is correct that they now can make them even larger to M43 size.

Now, if the BSI tech did make the RX100 mk II better than the mkI is very debated. Some say yes, some say no, since it seams that the claimed noise gain is not found due to the mkII having an ISO scale that is less sensitive than the mk I. So at the same ISO the mkII picks a slower shutter speed, but it does have lower noise on a higher ISO setting than mkI. But to get the same shutter speeds you need to bump the ISO on the mkII. I only have the mkI so I haven't been able to test myself.

Another interresting item in the new Kodak lineup is the 400 mm/6,3 lens. Has anyone found out if it has AF?

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