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Af performance just not as good as the d700 was...and it has nothing to do with a 36mp sensor vs a 12mp one. I can downsize shots that have clearly missed to 12mp and still see the glaring focus issues. The really important thing i notice is often but not all the time, when it misses...its by a mile!. I've already exchanged my D800 with Nikon but the new one was the same. What is frustrating is that different light still affects focus post firmware update. Even more annoying when you shoot in great light and have the af point bang on an eye with good contrast and it constantly misses or finds the cheek even if you fine tune your lens.Don't get me wrong...its not always awful and sometimes i go through runs of everything is bang on...but it is clear that something just isn't right with the D800 af system...it.seems to really get in my way alot of the time...i think folk that don't notice these issues are f/5.6 shooters and the problem is masked by dof. Camera with beautiful colour...great iq but the af drives me nuts on a daily basis. posted via phone...excuse the errors and layout.

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I think this point, ironically maybe responsible for much of the dispute around the performance of the Df AF. I get that, in terms of specs, the Df is worse in both area and low light performance. However, its the (frankly odd) inconsistency of the D800E AF, particularly with some lenses, that gives it a bad reputation (and conversely perhaps makes people form a positive impression of the Df). I certainly always felt my D600 was more consistent from an accuracy point of view and I'm forming the same impression of my Df.

Before anyone asks, yes, I've fine tuned the AF with my lenses...

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