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Some things i want to add as a full wedding shooter

I owned two d800s from when they came out until about a month ago.

i put about 70k clicks on each one. both had left side af issue for the first full year and i just lived with it.

february. of 2013 nikon fixed both my cameras and broke both of them. i mean they still worked but i always struggled with the af after that. i had to re do the af fine tuning. but even then there were times i noticed my 50 1.4 center af point just could not focus in broad day light on anything to save its life.

i just don't understand. i don't hear about this in the d4 and its almost identical AF.

I am currently shooting with the two Nikon df's now and even though the cam doesn't focus as well in low light, it is not terrible. its like going back to what the d700 could do or close. the d800 was just another stop or so better in low light. i give it that. point is its nice to get a lot of shots actually nailed in focus and start to not have to worry about that all the time and just shoot

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