Olympus Pen F 40mm 1.4 comments

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More Pen F reports

Your testing results are consistent with my testing of my Pen F 40 and of various Canon FD 50s.  I don't think that you need to account for the results by factors related to your particular copies.

The only Canon FD that I've owned that would match the Pen F40 for center sharpness and contrast at 1.4 or 1.8 (of about 5 I've tested) is the FDn 50 1.2 L, which usually is quite a bit more expensive than the Pen F 40 and much bulkier.

I just picked up a Pen F 38 1.8 and had occasion to test the Pen F 38 2.8 pancake.

The 38 1.8 is remarkably good even at 1.8 and matches the sharpness of the 40 at 2.  This is very excellent performance.  The bokeh of the 40 is a little better, but the 38 1,8 is astoundingly small for what it is and for its optical quality.

The Pancake lens is crazy tiny, and famous for that, but is also optically very good.

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