The XPro2 may never come

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Re: The XPro2 may never come

I agree, I actually got this feeling especailly with the rumored forthcoming X-T1.

"T" could be "Tough" since it's weather sealed, but it could also be "Top".

It's supposedly larger than the X-E2 and has an extra large EVF, weather sealing, faster AF than the X-E2, additional battery grip, double SD card slot, ... Well this sounds like a bullet list of features in a pro body to me. A body giving all the pro features that the X-Pro1 is missing, and a larger high quality EVF to compensate for Fujifilm abandoning the OVF. Maybe it's to be similar in size as what you'd get from a full-frame OVF?

I think sales can dictate where Fujifilm is going, though. If the X-T1 wouldn't sell well and X-Pro1 maintain sales pretty well, they might revisit the Pro line. But if the X-T1 will be released and sell very well, impressing reviewers over the world, I don't think that gives hope for a continuation of the Pro line.

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