Is the Sony Nex-6 the right move for me? (or should I look into other Mirrorless / DSLRs?)

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Is the Sony Nex-6 the right move for me? (or should I look into other Mirrorless / DSLRs?)

My apologies for the wall of text, I'm new to the whole photography world and have a lot of questions!!! Hopefully this is allowed here.

So, my Nikon 1 V1 is kinda broken, and after finding the receipt I have discovered I can return it as it's still under warranty. This gives me a little bit of money to go towards my next camera. I received the V1 as a gift, and was originally looking at DSLRs.
Note: This will be my only camera excluding my iPhone, and I'd like to get some opinions from people who own a NEX and/or DSLR, rather than just going off of the specs I've seen online.

It took a little while, but I warmed up to the V1. It was small and I could carry it around easily. DSLRs tend to be bulkier, and I think I'd be more likely to take my camera out if I don't require a separate bag for it. That said, if there is a major difference in quality I'm willing to pick up a DSLR - I was looking at the Nikon D3200 (or 3300 once it's out)? Thoughts?

In total I'll have around $750 to spend. I may be able to purchase more accessories later down the track, but for the next few years I can only see myself grabbing a couple more lenses or so, nothing major. DSLR's seem to have more investment required, so maybe it's worth picking up the NEX now and a DSLR later when I'm in the position to?

Photos I Take:
- I'm new to this all. I pretty much just enjoy experimenting and playing around. I'd like to take photos of anything and everything if possible, but if I were to narrow it down...

- People. Full body shots, waist up, their faces, etc. Out in the daylight, or at parties, etc. I like photographing people. Not necessarily posed, so sometimes they may be moving, laughing, have a sly smile or be making silly faces for a second. If possible, I want to be able to capture those moments without it just being a big blur.

***I was playing around with a friend's mirrorless (Olympus, but unsure of the model) the other day while we were out bowling, and was frustrated at how long it took to take some photos. I missed some funny reactions, and taking pictures of someone mid-bowl was near impossible without it being a big mess. Is that a given for all cameras, mirrorless ones, or just that one in particular? Is it something I'll have to live with, or is the NEX ok with that?***

One thing I didn't like about my V1 was that while I liked what it produced during the day, the quality of the photos in low lighting wasn't that great, especially without a flash. The Nex-6 has a built in Flash, and I'd be able to buy one for the hot shoe if my circumstances allow at a later date.

- Scenic Shots
The horizon, a building, monument, palm tree on a beach, etc. I understand that this would probably be better with a specialised lens.

Would these be doable with the 16-50mm lens? At least for a little while? What should I look into picking up next?

From the research that I've done, the Nex 6 seems to be the best Mirrorless Camera available within my price range that has a viewfinder. I've noticed the biggest complaint seems to be the lack of Lenses available, although that doesn't really affect me to be honest. Would it be better to just grab a Nikon D3200 or something instead? Is the viewfinder a big deal, would it be better to just downgrade to a lower end model without the EVF for now? I mean, it's nice and I'll use it if it's there, but I guess it isn't a necessity.

Yeah, if you're just able to chip in with your experience or suggestions at what I should look into, even if I haven't mentioned it yet that would be great. Especially about taking photos, as I have listed with the NEX(-6) or a beginner DSLR such as the Nikon D3200. Tips, tricks, etc. are appreciated as well. I look forward to (possibly) joining your community!

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