What's the most annoying things when you take your gears to travel

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Re: What's the most annoying things when you take your gears to travel

IanYorke wrote:

hdr wrote:

SLRs are gradually becoming like dinosaurs of the past, as the onslaught of mirrorless and phonecams continues. Just as most people will prefer to carry a tablet rather than a laptop on account of its weight and size, so will the photo trend be along the same lines.

You are, I am afraid exactly right - size and weight always win out. That does not mean that DSLR's will go away, but they become the equivalent of today's "large format" cameras.

I am old enough to remember the 35mm replacement of large format film cams, where exactly the same arguments about IQ, golf ball sized grain (relative) were raised about the tiny 35mm negatives people were using instead of "real" film.

The equivalent of pixel peeping a 100% digital image on a monitor, equivalent to looking at a 3 - 4ft wide print was for "serious, quality" photographers to place a loupe onto a 16 x 20 inch print (16x20 was the pinnacle of print making) and declaring that the photo was "unsharp" and only worthy of the garbage can

Size and weight, as you say, always wins!

I subscribe to your views.

Size and weight may win out for the mass market, but the pros will not mindlessly abandon their trusted tools just because of that.

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Depth haz been the mizzing dimenzion for long enough, but still, few are bothered with 3D :-

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