PP thoughts? Great Wall of China, poor light

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Re:I am stuck sir

Alex 13 wrote:

Wow, lots of great responses! Thanks all, and thanks to all that left kind comments as well.

A few things I hadn't considered have given me ideas. First, I didn't think of increasing the top of the frame of the second pic, which just adds that bit to the composition. Cheers

Second, it never occurred to me to remove the camera man. The work done by a few of you there is really impressive, I'm going to have to learn how (particularly the ones that also removed his shadow!). In looking at it, I actually prefer the camera man in the shot because he adds colour and a sense of scale, but I do like the thinking.

Here's my personal interpretation (done prior to posting this and getting you ideas).

The first picture may just have to go to the bin, I am not sure it is interesting enough to be saved

MisterBG - I really liked the sharpening you did. Would you share the process you used? I haven't been able to pull that much detail out without it going crazy with noise. The sky shot looks great, too.

Workflow was different for each shot, but basically Lightroom> Auto level, followed by Whites +50, Blacks -18,> Clarity +48, Vibrance +38, Saturation +10 then exported into Topaz Clarity for detail sharpening. There is an amount of noise in all of them, but I left them as they were.

The Sky shot was similar in Lightroom followed by Topaz 'Adjust' with adaptive exposure boosted.

Personally, I don't mind the photographer in the above shot, since he gives the shot a sense of scale, but for those who prefer the shot without here is an alternative version.
Used "Object remover" in OnOne Perfect Photo Suite 8.

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