Are Full Frame SLRs Obsolete?

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Re: full frame dslr makers are nearly obsolete

loafer wrote:

There are only 2 left at this point. (Although perhaps Sony with stay in the FF DSLR game) There are 4 makers of FF cameras and many former FF makers are out of the market. But there are actually a lot of APS-C brands - quite a few slr and even more mirrorless. APS-C has the most variety of sensors - with bayer, x-trans and foveon. In addition APS-C seems to gain more makers as FF loses them. M4/3 - only 2 players - and no one has joined the party since the format was started.

look at the car industry with even more pedigree as the camera business.

In the beginning few manufactures starting with Daimler and then lots of them - especially in US and UK covering every niche and concept for a car - later on in the 70s when the investment for new production facilities increased due to different aspects in sourcing and manufacturing most of them died - may they have had 4-piston or 12 piston engines or Wankel

Now we have few manufacturers worldwide with controlling the market and only a very narrow selection of some niche players using parts (mostly engines) from the big ones.

I guess we will see a similar evolution in the camera business - and BMW is still building 12 piston engines even trout they use them almost entirely for their premium brand Rolls-Royce.

My guess is that in 20+ years from now 35 mm sensor format will be that kind of premium brand using parts from the mass market fine tuned.

The good thing is that we have so many lenses and accessories let by then (in private hands) that it's almost impossible to stop the production for new gear - it would simply make no sense - may the mass market buy this or that - fact is that we have some 50 years of 35 mm SLR history in lenses and the last 20 years produced some of the finest - still a huge number - not having a suitable body for that is like not having a road for all the young and old-timers to drive on.

So I think the carved up crop sized 12-14 year old market will consolidate more then the grown 35 (D)SLR market with 50+ years of history

And the hipsters will buy whatever is hip anyhow - they are not driving innovation or quality - they are driving whatever is "sexy"

I guess smaller, lighter and more Sswarovsky Jewels are for some camera users key - those guys couldn't care less for the sensor size

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