Are Full Frame SLRs Obsolete?

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Re: Remember what Leica did to 6x6

Peter Marchant wrote:

Smaller format digital cameras are now developed to such an extent that (I humbly suggest) full-frame cameras are only still here because crop cameras are still so ridiculously big! If someone (come on Canon) shrank crop SLRs and lenses in proportion to the format (as 35mm SLRs compared with 645 SLRs), it’s probably game over for full frame - except in the professional studio.

The Canon SL1 is extremely small for what it is.  About as small as possible, I would say, while still being an SLR  and accepting EF lenses.  The only way for an APS-C SLR and lenses to be any smaller would be to have a shorter flange distance, which would not accept EF lenses, and I don't see Canon doing that. May as well just go mirrorless at that point.

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