No more HS or X-S Superzoom fujis?

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Re: Video Comparison Thoughts

jcmarfilph wrote:

Sactojim wrote:

gunkan wrote:

Sony HDR-FX7
Canon SX50 HS
Sony HX300
Nikon P520
Panasonic FZ200
Fujifilm HS50
Pentax X-5
Sony PJ790

Some simple tests. I miss Fuji X-S1 on it, but the video is not its better point (no video point at all in Fuji, bad Fuji!)

Very interesting video comparison..thank for this gunkan.

My thoughts:

The Panasonic FZ200 was the clear winner for both panning and stationary. At 7:05 she shows the camera with IS OFF..amazing how it held it's very good quality. The F2.8 lens plays very well here.

The Canon SX50 had decent video, but horrible wind noise and the same as what I hear when shooting video with mine. Sharpness was fine.

The Nikon P510 was not impressive at all for both panning and still object video as everything seems soft. Somewhat noisy with the wind, but slightly better than Canon or Fuji

The Fuji HS50 was not impressive with excess wind noise (see 8:00) and slightly soft video with panning, but a little better with stationary.

The Sony HX300 showed good video throughout..but a step behind the FZ200 in panning and stationary.

The surprise was the Pentax X5 (at Target for $150.) as it held up very well in all types of video. It was a little wind noisy, but better than all except the FZ200. This little cam did more than hold it's own with good quality on movement and fixed..surprisingly good lens.

Watching the video on my Sony monitor, if that makes any difference. After watching, I think this video deserves it's own thread, especially to help those where video is concerned.

Nice inputs Jim. I agree the Pany does the best in stationary night video because of the constant lens (lowest ISO was chosen). Comparing the stabilization test made on FZ200 and HS50, I think the one on HS50 is harder because the plane was incoming (8:00) and it handled it pretty well but yeah the IS off testing on FZ200 is cool and worked pretty well too.

If zooming frequently while recording is not a requirement, HS50 will be fine otherwise I will give the nod to FZ200 or HX300.

-=[ Joms ]=-

Found this interesting comparison between FZ200 and HS50.

and this

-=[ Joms ]=-

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