FROM CES: Kodak PixPro S-1 MFT camera and lenses in April 2014

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Re: I believe it is a MFT camera...

Some quick text, already bed time long time ago here.

It was announced a year ago already.

If you google it you'll find lots of pictures of it. Like this:

Seams m43 alright. There is one picture on the net of the mount and it is very m43 looking I think.

Also I found that JK Imaging/Kodak has joined the M43 group. There was a press release from Oly about that.

Seams like a Oly PL5 concept. Sony sensor is said to be mounted in it, could be good if they buy premium ones from Sony.

Here is a picture with it and a Oly lens, so seams m43.

These pictures have been on the net for a while but from what I can see the new picture of the spokesperson that is in the above linked article, holds the same camera:

And if you read the article, they will release three lenses, the standard kit zoom, the tele zoom and a fixed of 400 mm (800 mm in 35 mm terms). The last one seams interresting!

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