Oly Stylus 1, Sony RX10, or Leica VLux4?

Started Jan 8, 2014 | Discussions thread
Aaron Sur Senior Member • Posts: 1,160
Re: Oly Stylus 1, Sony RX10, or Leica VLux4?

Hi Steven,

The Elephant in the room is diffraction. Seldom talked about.

This essay is from a while back but some of the points are still valid.


Camera company merchandising  means that any selling point is shoved in the face of an uninformed public, bit like the 1.8 sticker on my XZ-1. And the advertising that said it was a DSLR replacement :-D.

Unfortunately people then think that a lens with a low F no. is the same as a high quality interchangeable  lens with the same F no.

Having said all this it is irrelevant for everyday general photography,cameras like the Stylus 1 can more than keep up with so many useful features.

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