Nikon D3300 is $499 - how can mirrorless compete?

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Re: Clueless? Thorgrem for sure is

Wu Jiaqiu wrote:

Big Ga wrote:

Thorgrem wrote: wrote:

a pretty well spec'd camera and gives access to a huge system.

On a budget it would be hard to pick an EM1 over these cheap entry level DSLRs.


You have no clue about photography equipment or you are trolling. Which one is it?

Anyone who actually did have a clue would realise maljo makes some very valid points...

some of the comments are hilarious, it seems you can't carry a Dslr because it's too big and can't take pictures in the dark with it, they are made out of scrap plastic and you look stupid

it is sad that people are so defensive. OP has a very valid point.

And then its just kind of great to see posters like Thorgrime make a public fool of himself. The irony of his post is striking, but Thorgrime propably dont get it


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