Why did you go with the Fuji XE/XPro-1 ILC

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Re: Why did you go with the Fuji XE/XPro-1 ILC

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After some debate elsewhere I wondered what made youg guys go for the Fuji series. I can come up with quite a few, but leave it up to you. Thanks for responding!

I got the XE-1 very recently. I wanted something with better high ISO performance than my Micro Four Thirds gear. On some action shots and low-light shots the Panasonic simply couldn't do it, even with fairly fast lenses. The Fuji allows me to use all of the legacy Nikon lenses I'd been using on my M4/3.

As a bonus, the Fuji seems to have extra dynamic range in the RAW files over the Panasonic. I've been able to push ETTR exposures much harder without blowing highlights and to recover underexposed shots without as much problems with shadow noise.

Depends on a bit on which Panny you used

G2, G3

Upgrading to a G6 or any of the other latest M43 didn't seem to bring much improvement in high ISO and dynamic range. Some but not a lot.

No. It is practically the same old sensor like the G3...No difference between my Gh2 and G6. Not into discussing m43s here BTW, but I would have bought the G6 with the GX7 sensor. That sensor is just a bit letdown.

I could pick up a used XE-1 for a touch over $400, so... it should keep its value for a while.
The downside is the cost of native X-system lenses and the relatively lackluster video. I'm simply not going to get X-system lenses, for now, and if I was really serious about video I'd be looking into the Black Magic M43 system.

Yes well....how about Olympus and video. On my EPL5 it is virtually a gimmick. Reason not to buy EM1. GH4 seems something incredible from that perspective. < 2000 dollar with 4K video...But I am quite sure they forgot anout PDAF in this one.....No deal for me.

, but I got an EPL5 for the very same reasons: dynamic range especially was a notable step up over my GH2. But I noted colour depth, tonailyt etc were all clearly better and I am talking RAWs here. I think the new Panasonic sensors have clearly moved up (finally) but to my mind, they are late with that. It is not unlikely a new APS_c sensor will be developped soon by Sony and they are back to square 1 again.

Otoh: it seems Panny and Fuji are now developpong new sensors together, so one they we essentially will have the same sensors in our cam. One APS-c size, the other 4/3 size. If they do it well, I am not complaining! Thanks for responding BTW!

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