If you would choe mirrorless, what would be your reason?

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If you would choe mirrorless, what would be your reason?

I guess many Canon DSLR users are quite fond of their cams nd do not need or ant a mirrorless. Most things heard are the OVF and the superior PDAF. Sometimes lenschoice too. Suppose these would become so good, they are not a reason not to buy them. What would your main reason be too switch. Would it be a one system that fits all your needs. A larger and a smaller body for a system with still large fast zooms? Suppose you are close to switch or partly switch, what are your reasons? I wonder how Canon DSLR users think about this and how it compares to other users. Thanks!

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To me it is THE SYSTEM size and weight are important. All lenses need to be a good match for the body. It needs to be significantly smaller than my DSLR otherwise what is the point? (think of GX7, EM1, EM5 or V1/V2 if you think it is good enough etc).
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A smaller body is what I want. Size and weight are a not very important. The lenses may be the same size and weight as my current set up. (Think Samsung NX30 or Sony NEX)
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Size and weight are not so important. I'll just will buy two bodies from the same system. A smaller one for the smaller lenses and a bigger one for the big and fast zooms. So I can travel light when I want to and bigger when needed. Think of NEX5+ A7, GM1 + EM5 or NX-30 + NX2000, bigger Canon mirrorless when it comes + EOS M.
12% 3  votes
Sensorsize is more important than weight/size: I will buy a A7 kind of cam once it fits my needs. The body is small. The lenses are okey even if the fast zooms are bigger and heavier then my current ones.
20% 5  votes
Size and weight are very important. I want to keep my DSLR and add a small mirrorless that is capable enough with the smaller lenses available (think EOS-M, GM1, NX2000, NEX3, J1 or V1).
32% 8  votes
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