CES Fuji Day 2 Q&A

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Chris Dodkin
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CES Fuji Day 2 Q&A

I put a summary set of questions together from yesterday's posts and they are listed below along with the answers I got today from the Fuji team:

underwater cases? - too expensive niche for Fuji - maybe a 3rd party product

Reala 120 Film continued? Yes, discontinued in US - no reprise, not sufficient sales

How many films discontinued this year? just five remaining today, no word on what gets chopped if any - the only growth film market is instax

90mm f/2 lens in future? - noted and passed to fuji - resonable next lens given the prime series

XE2 - quick image-review mode, without having to pop into playback mode - isn't image preview a standard feature after every shot, unless disabled? .5 or 1.5 Sec?

Image review options longer than 1.5 seconds - will review with engineering

If I select continuous image review, please allow me to dismiss it with a 1/2 shutter press (now it hangs until image finishes writing) - isn't this how it works today?

RGB Histogram - under review, good idea

Tighter aperture ring on selected primes (14mm). - covered yesterday - aware but no plans to change

Allow lens hoods to be reverse-mounted for travel - which lens? - works on all lenses except original 35mm and 18mm today

Focus-check mode off just raw with same detail as JPEG-FINE (don't want to have to do RAW+JPEG just to get a decent focus check) - great idea, passing to engineering to see if it's possible

ISO-bracketing in raw mode - to keep constant aperture/shutter? - got a favorable response, passing to engineering

Lock for mechanical controls to prevent accidental change: aperture ring, EV comp, shutter - electronic lock that overrides dial/control movement? - could be confusing to users?

Save a custom setting for raw conversions so I don't have to keep repeating myself - like the idea, passing to engineering.

Fuji X30? Replaxe X20?? - no info on future products

In my opinion the biggest software update needed on the X-E2 is a fix for the view modes. There needs to be a mode where one shoots with the viewfinder and activates the LCD only for playback and menus. This was available on the X-E1. The lack of it on the X-E2 is a major step backwards in terms of functionality. - took a while to work out what this meant, but they have it noted and are looking at it.

Are Fuji ever going to update the x s-1 or are done with that model? - not a big seller - continue to sell and support but S-1 is the new direction $499 vs $799 so cheaper

I only have the 18-55 so far (55-200 is wrapped for my upcoming birthday) - but they really have to do something about the distance I have to rotate the lens to focus manually. Turning around and around and around to get from close up to a medium distance is a huge disappointment. - should have been addrssed in firmware updates, for speed of focus. Speed related focus rate based on speed of rotation not just number of turns. - dual track with lenses with hard stops (pull back focus ring) and non end stop (all others).

And a bonus wish would be if it stopped at the end of each focus distance as well instead of just turning and turning beyond any focus ability. - yes, on all lenses with pull back MF ring.

allow users to "name" the custom settings - good idea - needed - passed to engineering

allow for more than just 2 custom lens FL settings. ???? - not sure what this was referencing

allow for multiple 'custom' film profiles such as Tri-X or Kodachrome - good idea, noted

allow Fn assignments on other buttons; ideally all other buttons. - working on that already

allow the command dial to be Fn assignable and be mode/context sensitive; e.g use it as an alternative to [fly by wire] focus rings when in manual mode on relevant lenses, or to switch metering modes, or switch focus peaking mode et. seq. - sounds like it might complicate the interface for users? Noted and looking at it with engineering.

are they willing to consider releasing a software API for the X series so that those of us with the skills can add custom items of our own? - contact Fuji corp for SDK - may be possible but unlikely

allow import/export of settings, preferably in XML format rather than as a binary dump. - sounds highly unlikely

tripod mount: can we have a mount that's on the optical axis. - only offered on the grips due to mechanical constraints in the body based on available space. FYI New grips will retail at $130 and $150 x-e1 and x-pro1

move the card slot to the side please. - watch this space for future models with this feature

I'll second an earlier request for external battery pack and/or inline mains adapter. Possibly the battery pack to fit as a base plate and/or extended grip? - working on this - watch this space

Tethering: what are the chances of a retro-fit for Pro 1? - image transfer but not remote control - needs 3rd party EyeFi card. Availablepossible on WiFi models

why is the 10-24 aperture ring unmarked if its a constant aperture zoom? - space/cost saving exercise possibly, however lens aperture markings will be on future zooms fixed f/stop zooms.

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