Nikon D3300 is $499 - how can mirrorless compete?

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Re: D3300 competes with the $349 E-PM2 (Nikon is $150 more!)

Lab D wrote:

The Nikon is a pretty stripped down budget camera. It competes with the less expensive PEN series. The only problem for the Nikon is it is not very small comapred to the PEN cameras.

As for the E-M1 with the weather sealing and faster performance, it competes more with the D7100...which is very large.

That is a classic rethoric severely scewed way of arguing.

I think the OP question is extremely relevant. If you focus on IQ the D3300 is mindblowing bang for the buck, the M43 platform is no match at all. One of the best sensors on the market, which will outresolve ANY m43 cam, with higher dynamic range, better high iso performance etc.

As a m43 shooter I am actually thinking about going back to a d5200 or a d3300 with a simple 35 mm 1.8 prime. That will give you IQ that is only bettered by the most expensive FF cams, and a very very competetive price point.

The OP is right. If you want the latest sensors, then M43 is overpriced for sure.

Best wishes


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