Going FF, can you help me?

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Going FF, can you help me?


I've been using a 350D for some years and wanted to jump to FF since the 5D, when it was the "only" affordable FF solution. I'm using a Sigma 17-70 with it and I have a Sigma 30 1.4 that I don't use anymore (17-70 is the most convenient).

Now, I decided to make the move and I see that there is a great offer on the market today. Maybe too great, I cannot decide what to choose.

I don't have any lens (only some speedlite) I could reuse on a FF body, so I don't really care about the brand.

I'm not a troll neither, and don't want to go into a brand war. I shoot Canon, HTC smartphone and a Fuji 3D camera.

I cannot say I have specific needs in photo. I just take pictures (kids, interesting buildings or landscapes, nothing really complex). And I like to have nice pictures

I've read lot of stuff on 6D, D600/D610, 5D3 and D800 and I had the chance to put a hand on the 6D and D610 which are my top 2.

Both are incredible cameras and are worth their price. D800 could be an option for me, regarding the price, but I don't see what it would bring more than the D610, for my usage.

Idem, the 5D3 is out given its price and the features it has VS 6D are not worth the price diff for my usage.

The video mode is a feature I'm interested in.

The DR capabilities of the D610 are impressive and I really understand its benefit, and it makes a serious dilemna VS the 6D and its low light capabilities.

In terms of ergnomics, I have to say that I'm used to Canon so the 6D was easy to manipulate and even if I was a bit lost with the Nikon at the beginning, I got quickly used to it.

It's just a matter of habit anyway.

For the lens, I was thinking going for the Canon 24-105 which can be bought bundled with the camera if I choose a 6D (quite a no-brainer). If I choose a D610, I would need to look more at lenses in tis category (the new sigma 24-105, Nikon 24-120 or even maybe some Tamron).

I'd probably look for a prime (don't know which one yet) to get the crispest pictures and to use also for video (crisp image and nice bokeh). Probably a 1.8 then.

I don't need telezoom nor wide-angle lens for now. It'll be for later, eventually.

The pros and cons of both cameras are well known and youtube has plenty of reviews and tests but still, it makes it even more difficult to choose one.

Could you show me a picture that a D610 would handle great and not the 6D, and vice-versa?The same for video eventually.

I guess it would help me understand the capabilities and limits of each one.



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