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Re: D600+Samy35/1.4 = hand-held Night-Shots at iso100-200

awaldram wrote:

Sorry I'm missing something.

iso 100-200 and f/2.5-3.5 I don't see anything that impressive.

each shot is 1-3 Ev Underexposed... else no hand-held = no freedom is possible !

There not bad but any modern camera even a P+S would deliver similar images, neither perceived resolution nor sharpness are exceptional.

so, we can conclude : IQ in low-light depends first... on The Lens Used ?

thank's to the Samyang 35mm f/1.4 : Sharp from corner to corner from f/2 to f/11

+ thank's to the Sony Exmor sensor inside the D600 : very low Noise at iso 100-200
so you can push the shadows... Even on the Low-Quality JPGs embedded in NEFs !
this would not at all be feasible with my Canon Eos 5d (iso 800-1600 mandatory)

Some of the images seem a little noisy given the low ISO used though maybe jpeg artifacts.

it's the Low-Quality JPGs embedded in NEFs... I will pp the NEF files as soon as possible...

Lol, I'm glad you think that the only way to get those shots,was with ff, marketing does work I guess.
david t

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