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Re: Looks like K3 WB is off

awaldram wrote:

kenwklau wrote:

Thank you, Zvonimir! I like deep analysis in your posts!


Hi Audrious,

With that yellowish cast on the K3 photo, I wonder if the SENt on it was set right.

I'm surprised, as you gear lit includes k30 you make this remark.

As you should be aware Pentax believe the image should represent what your eyes see as such under artificial light they do not correct to the point the cast is daylight but leave some of the original ambiance.

This is another 'adjustable' setting and personally I think Pentax get it right, When shooting under candles I hate that 'shot in midday sun' look every other manufacturer seems to think is reasonable.

I agree.

Tungsten light looks yellowish. To fully compensate for that looks unnatural IMHO. Moreover, the blue channel is so weak that you might get noise and peculiar color if you try.

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