Nikon 16-35mm/4.0 VR Zoom buried by new LENSTIP. COM review?!?

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Nikon 16-35mm/4.0 VR Zoom buried by new LENSTIP. COM review?!?

Within the next week or so I'll have to decide what Nikon wide-angle zoom to choose.

I need to be able to use regulat size filters, so 14-24mm is out of question at the moment.

Nikon 16-35mm 4.0 VR was (and still is) at the very top of my list, so I took time to read numerous reviews so far, including those by DPreview, Nasim Mansurov, Photozone, SLRgear, CameraStuffReview,, and ... even Ken Rockwell review was given a glance.

Upon reading all those reviews I had no doubts that Nikon 16-36mm Zoom is performing very well, with a lot of strong points (sharpness, ...) and only a few weak spots (mainly distortion on short end).

But yesterday I run into a new review done on 7th of January 2014. by


What to say, Lenstip buried that lens on almost all fronts, as you will notice. Even worse, as test results were so terrible upon testing the 1st sample, they gave it one more try and got another sample of 16-35mm to eliminate sample variation possibility.

In wain, as both samples performed miserably according to their tests.

So, now I don't know what to conclude and what decision to make, the more I read, the less I am certain about purchase. How is it possible that so many sources find this 16-35mm lens as capable, very solid or even an excellent performer, and Lenstip find it as plain terrible Nikon product?

Your 1st hand experience with that 16-35mm zoom lens and your opinions will be highly appreciated.

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