Nikon D3300 is $499 - how can mirrorless compete?

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Re: D3300 competes with the $349 E-PM2 (Nikon is $150 more!)

String wrote:

Lab D wrote:

The Nikon is a pretty stripped down budget camera. It competes with the less expensive PEN series. The only problem for the Nikon is it is not very small comapred to the PEN cameras.

As for the E-M1 with the weather sealing and faster performance, it competes more with the D7100...which is very large.

Actually, I'd say the EM-1 competes with the D300 although there has been no sign of a "new" pro level DX camera from Nikon for years now.

Yes, String, I've been waiting for someone to point this out.  First Nikon spoiled a bunch of folks with the quality and performance of the D300/300s, then failed to follow it with an updated sensor.  When we began shopping around, lo and behold, MFT began to look pretty good, even if not up to high speed sports yet.  Anyone who has held and shot with a D300 is entirely put off by the feel of the D3xxx and D5xxx cameras, and frankly, the D7xxx doesn't really feel that good either.  The EM-5 and EM-1 are very solid-feeling and nice to hold- the smaller sizes are a bonus.

A better point of attack, if asking how MFT can compete with Canon and Nikon is the price and availability of lenses.  The MFT lens range is pretty full now, with the exception of a good, long telephoto and maybe some specialty stuff like tilt-shift, but the lens prices, especially for the fast zooms, is a holdup.  As the MFT family matures and continues to sell, I would expect Tamron, Sigma and others to introduce more affordable fast lenses.  At present, Tamron offers an excellent 24-70/2.8 at about half the price of a Nikon lens, for example.  The high-end third party lenses are what really make Nikon affordable, not the entry level cameras.

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