Please help me to stay with Pentax!

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Re: stay with what you like, not a brand

awaldram wrote:

I'm curious on the agnostic front, We have many members with similar monickers such as anybrand or a mess of sonikax it immediately screams to me 'body+kit,PS owner' and chip on shoulder.

I am sorry, if you get this impression, even though I don't see a reason for it. I prefer taking photos instead of painting them on screen with PS by the way.

Actually: If I did only own a kit lens: Would that make me a bad photographer?

I have yet to find any serious/professional photographer who is brand agnostic , This is just not possible if you have many £1000's invested in the system.

It's about what the term means to you:

Do I think all systems are the same? No. Do I care if the label on that wonderful camera is Leica or Wallmart? No.

Professionals tend not to 'ram it down your face' as their brand is just the manufacturers of the tools they happen to use, But they have a vested interest in their chosen company.

I have a vested interet in protecting my investment into a camera system jail cell. That is in spite of the manufacturers who actually build these jails. And I am not thankful for this. I do tend to buy used stuff so I can sell without major losses or even some gain. Makes the prison walls thinner.

So in short most member with names such as yours have one intent and that is to cause trouble in all forums, I hope this isn't true for you and if not apologize.

I do not think my posting here did deserve this.

Actually "brands" in most discussions with photographers (and car owners) tend to be really nonsense stereotypes. How can you make a statement about Sigma as "brand" which is true for both the 20/1.8 and the 35/1.4?

I do applaud Samsung for a 16-50mm APSC pancake, even if most will want to bash Samsung for anything they do. Their weather resistant APSC 16-50mm F2-2.8 also is not stupid and unparalleled. But I like the lens for it is what it is. Not for the brand.

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