What would be your reason to pic a mirrorless cam?

Started Jan 8, 2014 | Polls thread
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What would be your reason to pic a mirrorless cam?

This is not a DSLR vs mirrorless thread. These have been done ad nauseum. I think, but am unsure, that most people over here are happy with a DSLR. Some may be dislike mirrorless and others might use one (as an add on cam).

Suppose you find a mirrorless cam that spec wise is close to your current or even next DSLR. What would be the most important reason to get one? What would you get? Would you get one body that fits to all your needs. Two bodies (a smaller and a bigger one) if necessary? Would it be weight, size or would IQ be the most important thing? So this is

Or may be: you are already making your choice right now and can asnwer from that perspective.


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To me it is THE SYSTEM size and weight are important. All lenses need to be a good match for the body. It needs to be significantly smaller than my DSLR otherwise what is the point? (think of GX7, EM1, EM5 or V1/V2 if you think it is good enough etc).
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A smaller body is what I want. Size and weight are a not very important. The lenses may be the same size and weight as my current set up. (Think Samsung NX30 or Sony NEX)
5.6% 3  votes
Size and weight are not so important. I'll just will buy two bodies from the same system. A smaller one for the smaller lenses and a bigger one for the big and fast zooms. So I can travel light when I want to and bigger when needed. Think of NEX5+ A7, GM1 + EM5 or NX-30 + NX2000.
7.4% 4  votes
Sensorsize is more important than weight/size: I will buy a A7 kind of cam once it fits my needs. The body is small. The lenses are okey even if the fast zooms are bigger and heavier then my current ones.
16.7% 9  votes
Size and weight are very important. I want to keep my DSLR and add a small mirrorless that is capable enough with the smaller lenses available (think GM1, NX2000, NEX3, J1 or V1).
20.4% 11  votes
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