The Tortoise and the Hare - Fun with the E-M1 / 50-200

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Re: The Tortoise and the Hare - Fun with the E-M1 / 50-200

Daniel Mouton wrote:

You had great fun! Thank you for sharing.

Tips (for what it is worth):

- Get much closer to the action. The pictures in your series are too distant and therefore leave one uninvolved. I'm not sure what is practically possible in this type of situation.

- Use fewer pictures to tell your story. Perhaps one of the anxious start, one midway, and one at the end of each ride?

In my part of the world the closest equivalent is "skiing" down a sand dune. Here is what it looks like, in a situation where it is feasible to stand close to the action. Unfortunately a very dull, overcast day:

Olympus E-30, 12-60mm, CAF

An opinion from a complete beginner who is still very new to this site, for what it's worth...

I found it hard to really appreciate the story in these pictures - partly because there are so many and I found that a little off-putting. Partly because the action was so far away that it was hard to make a connection with it.

I thought Daniel's response is excellent, and great for me to learn from too, - so thanks Daniel!

I live in a part of the UK where there is a lot of surfing and I would love to take some decent pictures of it. The advice (and accompanying brilliant picture) is really useful for me too, and I think if you are able to take on some of his points, you could get some really exciting pictures next time. Good luck! Looked like lots of fun though!


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