Nikon D3300 is $499 - how can mirrorless compete?

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Re: It's a different market

TrapperJohn wrote:

There is enough product differentiation between µ43 and Nikon APS DSLR that the primary decision to buy the one or the other isn't going to be based on price.

Totally agree. The entry level Nikon has so many features stripped down, that the only good thing about it may be the sensor, certainly not the performance and feature set which is lacking in entry level in APS models. The entry level cameras usually have small viewfinders also.

Kirk Tuck bought the Nikon D3200 awhile ago, and liked the image quality when he first tried it out (posted on his blog), but I have not seen any articles about it since the single article, he posted awhile ago when that camera first came out to try it out. He went back to his Sonys and his m43 Panasonic cameras, G series and GH, as in my opinion have simply better total features and better performing than any entry camera.

I like Nikon D7100 and Nikons FF cameras as good cameras, and many of m43 cameras: Olympus or Panasonic.  (have owned some of them) In all, the consumer gets what he pays for.

Small is in fashion more and more, but so is performance, build quality, with enthusiasts, and worth the price.

Check out the new MacBook Air (small size, thin. light) and how expensive they are, and Apple sells lots.

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