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Re: Sigma 50mm f1.4 ART

Yea, you brought up a good point too: I think I personally, while still placing a high value on sharpness (particularly for lenses I use for landscape), I tend to look at contrast performance and other parameters as well, and as I've aged and used the 800E more, I definitely have recognized that no lens is perfect for the most part and instead have begun to "tune" the kit more for lenses that match the task well (and that includes sharpness), usually because of distance to subject, and not rely on just "the sharpest lens".

However, I will say, in defense of mister Bowman I was responding to, I totally understand the frustration many feel towards Nikon. I'm beyond frustrated in how slowly they've come out with new lens designs even though I understand some (or most of it) may be related to after effects from the natural disasters in the past few years. I'm frustrated they don't have a really great 50mm option that works at landscape with N coating and while I appreciate Sato's lens, I would have liked a better "generalist" 50. I'm frustrated that I had to go to Sigma for the best 35mm option, and I'm frustrated I had to go to Zeiss for 21 and 135mm options. I've been a Nikon glass fan for 37 years, so it's maddening in some ways to see how much money I've NOT spent with Nikon because they don't have what I currently need. So while I totally appreciate the 58/1.4, I do have to question whether the time spent on it (and the Nikon DF body) were the best thing in the grander scheme of things. But as a Nikon user of all those years, I know there are times Nikon goes into "pet project" mode and it's part of the deal.

But overall iin this high rez era, one has to look at lens performance at all distances, considering field curvature, contrast, microcontrast, flare resistance and even bokeh, as opposed to just which lens scores the most on a test chart report.


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