Does anyone care to say an LX7 can't do astro?

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Re: Digiscoping with LX's

bondiblue wrote:

Lumixdude, if you want to try digiscoping, in my gallery there are a couple of shots showing how I coupled the LX5 to my scopes - it just happens that the front of the LX5 lens is a perfect fit into the rubber eyecup of the Vixen LV series of eyepieces.

It's close enough that I'd suggest measure the outside diameter of the LX7 lens and wrap it with some tape to make it a neat fit either in a similar Vixen LV eyepiece, or possibly a Vixen LVW eyepiece (these also have rubber eyecups but a tad larger).

These particular eyepieces have aan important attribute - they provide 20mm of eye relief, so the camera can be positioned close enough to put the exit pupil of the eyepiece at the lens iris (well inside the lens) in order to ensure it will fill the field of view of the LX cameras without vignetting.

Thanks for the tip...

One_Oldman_4U wrote:

Wonderful night shot. I want to try doing something like that but all the places I've bee have too much "light pollution".

Thanks for sharing!

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I'm living pretty much in the middle of nowhere if I walked down to the beach I probably wouldn't have had that stream of light pollution. It does kinda look like an aurora though so it's not badly placed.

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