More potential news weather sealed Fuji X

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More potential news weather sealed Fuji X

Reading the internet and it is again talking about a weather sealed X camera to be announced in a few weeks supposedly.

Still, this is enough to take a good look at the updated Fuji roadmap and decide how to proceed.

Keep in mind Fuji is known for running those X deals. So I am not in ANY hurry to pre-order the 56 mm 1.2 even though I want the lens if I can get it for a few hundred less why not.

Heck, I paid full price for the Fuji 55-200 and then it was $200 less with Fuji rebates.

So.. if rumors are accurate then I am willing to wait another month to see what this new Fuji weather sealed X is supposed to be and how much better than the current XE and Xpro.

From what is on the road map I like the idea of this lens line up

14 mm OR 10-24 zoom depending how much wide/landscape you do. I'll most likely keep the 14 for the occasional need and will not need the zoom.

16-55mm 2.8, (may not need the 23 & 35 prime lenses), need to decide if the stop difference matters

56 mm 1.2

60 macro not 100% I'll keep it

Telephoto TBD if I keep my 55-200 or not

Definitely sell the 18-55mm 2.8-4 & maybe the 35 mm

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