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Re: Panasonic GH3 Tips and Tricks Setup Guide Video

Kawika Nui wrote:

Thanks for a terrific checklist. Forgive me if the following issue is somewhere in the thread, but if it is I wasn't able to find it.

When shooting manual mode, I would prefer to use one set of settings for stills, another for manual mode video. But the camera seems to insist on retaining whatever settings were last used in either manual mode, and using them in the other. This means that if I set a shutter speed of 1/125 (for 60p video) for action shooting and want to switch to stills, I am left with the same shutter speed (and, of course, all other parameters) which is too slow a shutter speed for what I'm shooting. Conversely, if I set the shutter at 1/1000 for stills and then switch to manual mode video, the shutter speed (and all other parameters) carry over to the video.

Is this the way the GH3 works, or am I missing something? As it is, I have to reset shutter and aperture every time I switch between video and still photography.

This is exactly how all Panasonic cameras works and it limits ones options of creative work with photos and videos.

My solution is that I shoot videos with S-mode and photos in A-mode. That is not optimal because automatic aperture is not very stepless.

If you want always shoot video with 1/125 you can use flicker removal setting in video menus. Then camera uses always 1/125 for video.

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