Are Full Frame SLRs Obsolete?

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Re: Are Full Frame SLRs Obsolete?

Colin Smith1 wrote:

Writers on the Luminous Landscape have stated their belief that the age of full frame DSLRs is coming to an end for basically two reasons. One, 16 meg micro 4/3s sensors have gotten very good in quality and noise reduction that they can now be printed to 16x20 (so why would anyone want the bulkier or heavier full frame DSLR ?) Second because the of the Sony mirror less full frame with excellent EVF.

This sort of posts/blogs tend to mix two items. First is the question if FF does make sense in times when micro 4/3 sensors are getting better. This question lacks of logical reasoning, because FF technology basically progresses the same way as 4/3 sensor tech does. So it will be always ahead in terms of IQ - other than the mid format market which currently looks like being just to small to e.g. keep up with noise performance of the 35 mm sensor technology. Another important item is its higher freedom of composition of FF if you like to work with a shallow depth of field - 4/3 technology never will match this, even not with extremely fast lenses...

The other question is whether EVs will kill optical viewfinders. It looks like on the long run this should be a logical development. That said, obviously most enthusiasts and pros still prefer optical viewfinders and accept bigger DLSR camera bodies, btw the line of lenses they already have may keep them on the conservative side, too. That's the reason why the two big camera makers, Canon and Nikon, stick with APS/FF DLSRs in enthusiasts & prosumer camera markets, sales numbers just proof that this still is an intelligent strategy in terms of economical thinking. This may change in future, but nobody can really predict what most customers will ask for in future.

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