The Philosophy of Nikon Df

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Re: Poor focus Screen.

The D700 with grip shot at 8fps, and my point was this camera has all the right stuff to do a lot more. I read "some where" that the shutter was designed to get over 1,000 shots on the small battery? I hope that's not true...after all I can by an extra battery. and no not every camera should shoot 7-8 fps only the one that has the chip and processor from a 11fps D4.

As for the focus screen, it is not designed for the manual focus lenses that this camera is intended to use. And that is well documented. No usable peeking no prism, is it too much to ask for the AF point to change color when its in focus?

Think of it this way I can buy a Nikon Refub D7000 for $779, with the same auto focus as the DF. It can't shoot at ISO 25k. But below ISO 3,200, with the right lens and technique the images will be indistinguishable. So for $2,800 you get a great sensor, interesting looks and nothing else.

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