Are Full Frame SLRs Obsolete?

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Re: Are Full Frame SLRs Obsolete?

billythek wrote:

So when do you get your A7R? I'd love to see some comparison shots from you A7R vs Canon (whatever you have) of the same scene. The A7R pictures I've seen have been disappointing to me, but a lot has to do with the photographer's skills. I know you are capable of some excellent pictures, so it would be good to see what you can do with it.

Hi Bill,

Thx for the 'flowers'

I am not entirely decided yet on the A7R - mainly due to some investments  lately (exceeding a normal FF setup with several lenses by far)

And I am more concentrated on the equipment around photography preparing for UHD recording aka 4k with a suitable computer , monitor  and storage devices  to cope with the ever growing demand.

On the other side I see no real progress in the area I am most interested in - Resolution and sharpness. That said (without having a mantra or so) the D800E is a very capable camera and this is the camera I'd have liked to see from Canon at the price point of the 5D II (when it was released)

At the end of the day it's always a price question and this is where I agree with what's been posted lately. When the FF DSLRs or Mirror Less FF Bodies get to the price point of today's crop cameras the crop format is dead - will this ever happen? Who knows?

For me 4k video would be a key trigger point to some camera investment and it should be on a reasonable price level. The A7R is a very thoroughly thought concept and the idea hit me immediately - yet it is still not where I would like to have it and unfortunately my 5D II still makes great images at no cost and the computer equipment was more important to satisfy my needs now.

Do I miss something in the photography today - oh yes!! - do I get worse images that I could do with the best offerings today? Most presumably - but I am sure there will be a refined A7R soon - after a 2nd though and looking at the history of Sony as a camera maker (mainly the NEX system) one can assume that the flaws of the current version will be addressed in the next version which should be due in a year from now following Sony's trail of new gear.

So the short answer to your question is I won't buy a mirror less body from any supplier any time soon unless I see 4k video recording to play with that and see whether this is something I'd like to pursue. On the other side I am sure there will be sooner or later a workshop somewhere, where I can test drive the A7R.

For me the concept of the A7R is the future in FF cameras - not because of it's weight but because of it's simplification. The longer a market exists the more refined are the tools and the more unnecessary parts are left aside - look at Apple - they just leave every disturbing part aside - may it be OS or hardware - this devices are the essence of computing in their use cases. The new MAC PRO is a masterpiece in refinement.

Unfortunately we are far from being there in photo business.

The D800E is a nightmare in handling (extremely IMHO) and the A7R seem to suffer from some unnecessary limitations and Canon seems to concentrate entirely on night vision photographers  excluding guys like me - so no company has a compelling offer (for me) right now - the 5D II seems to be the cheapest full featured FF DSLR still offering a reasonable ISO 100 performance (which counts for me most and I would even accept ISO 50 as base ISO with ultimate image quality)

So the question whether we are in the advent of the exodus of the FF DSLRs is a very tough one - it all depends on how Canon, Nikon and Sony are convincing the mass market and I guess FF cameras will be no mass market products any time soon - thus we could likely see with the 5D III and the D800E a level that is going to stay for a while before one of the big contenders thinks it's time for a refresh.

For Canon I see 4k video recording as the next big thing - for Nikon the game is currently over since they dominate the quality part and as soon as they sort out the flaws of the current concept and introduce some nice lenses (which happened lately) they are done for the time being with innovation - I guess.

Sony is a big hope for me - but nothing I will buy immediately - or maybe I think of it a 2rd time?

(all deponent on financial resources with are really on a budget now) 

just my 2CT

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