The Philosophy of Nikon Df

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Philosophy is Overrated?

Richard Murdey wrote:

In Japan, the Asahi Camera magazine come out last month with a special issue dedicated to the Df, called "The Philosophy of Nikon Df " (Nikon Df の哲学).

I get the sense that "The Philosophy of Nikon Df" is a lack of philosophy?  Or perhaps that philosophy is overrated?

In his little Df puff promo, Joe McNally hit the nail on the head when he said that a camera "user interface" needs to be a set of shutter speeds waiting for f/stops.  Two dials.  That is a philosophy, but it's not the Df's!

Two ways to set shutter and aperture, redundant soft-and-hard dials that can contradict each other?  That is not a philosophy--that's a resistance to philosophy.

To me, that's the big head-scratcher about the Df (beyond the "pure" ad campaign for a camera with a split personality and redundant controls): was the lack of a camera body with redundant soft-and-hard dials the most pressing issue on the 2013 Nikon to-do list? The biggest problem they needed to solve?

More important than improving autofocus precision? More important than improving workflow (how many years old is CaptureNX2; how many Nikon bodies can do anything wirelessly without a goofy dongle)? More important than a DX body with a decent buffer? More important than DX lenses that aren't 18-to-something zooms? More important than adding TTL radio syncing to CLS? Four years of R&D for . . . redundant dials?

Eh, maybe I'm missing the point.

Anyway, I get that Nikon does labors of photographic love--it's not all hard-edged logic and business case analyses. That's why we still have brand new F6s. But I can see room for a lot of photographic love in the solutions to those other problems.

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