Nikon D3300 is $499 - how can mirrorless compete?

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Re: Nikon D3300 is huge

Well, whatever it is, the D3300 certainly brings good natured humor out of people.  There are a couple of gems in this thread already.

dennis tennis wrote:

As an ex Green Beret/Delta Force, Seal Team Six, and current CIA operative, I can tell you that the D3300 is too large and heavy for me.

I can swin the Bering Sea, buck naked, in the winter time, while towing a dead polar bear but I can't physically handle walking the streets of NYC strapped down with that D3300. You can water board me for a year and I won't carry it ever again.

On my last mission, we were forced by Nikon to bring along the D3300. It slowed us down so much that I was the "Lone survivor". Damn you Nikon D3300! I lost my brothers because of you!

If you want to support America, be sure to buy to correct Japanese camera brand! (Heroically posing)

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