Nikon D3300 is $499 - how can mirrorless compete?

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Re: Nikon D3300 is $499 - how can mirrorless compete?

Wu Jiaqiu wrote:

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Wu Jiaqiu wrote:

Digital Dick wrote:

Yes the 75-300 gives the same angle of view as a 600 on a full frame at a fraction of the size, weight and price.


but it's not a 600mm lens, and a DX camera gives you a 1.5x crop....and you can buy a 600mm lens for it that will AF

Even still, a 100-400mm DSLR lens is significantly larger than an Oly 75-300, or Pana 100-300.

There currently is no 450mm native mount AF lens for M43rds that would get you to 900mm equiv(as a 600mm on APS-C would). Native lenses longer than 600mm equiv is a gap in the system.

If you want to be crazy you can use the 43 300/2.8 with a 1.4x (420/4) and get basically there, the 2x gets you to 600/5.6, or 1200mm equiv. Smaller and lighter than the Nikon 600/4 as well, though I doubt AF would be comparable considering its a 43 lens with TC + adapter.

there is no debate that the DX system will be bigger and the telephotos considerably bigger, mFT needs a good 400mm prime or you could try and find a bigma and use the 4/3rds adapter

Yeah, a 400/5.6, or even a 200-400/5.6 would be good for the system. A 400/4 would be nice as well, but probably a little excessive.

I'll take a 7/8mm 2.8/4 prime while we're at it.

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