Nikon D3300 is $499 - how can mirrorless compete?

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Re: How is its EVF?

Wu Jiaqiu wrote:

Jim Salvas wrote:

E-M1: turn exposure compensation dial and watch as the large EVF image changes to match.

D3300: peer through OVF tunnel at reduced-size, unchanging image.

E-M1: watch as EFV compensates for dim lighting in very dark conditions.

D3300: put away your camera.

so before mirrorless and EVF's no one could take a picture in dark conditions?

Who said that?  No one.  Your remarks are plain silly.

For years though everyone has complained about cheap penta-mirrors and how they were like looking down a long dark tunnel at reduced size.  That is nothing new.  Penta-prisms and full coverage EVFs (like on the Em1) are better.

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