Nikon D3300 is $499 - how can mirrorless compete?

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Re: Size isn't everything

Lab D wrote:

PepsiCan wrote: wrote:

a pretty well spec'd camera and gives access to a huge system.

On a budget it would be hard to pick an EM1 over these cheap entry level DSLRs.


Sounds to me like you're comparing the two based on size of the camera. However, if you compare on features, the EM1 would compare more to the likes of the D7100 and Canon 70D. It then becomes a choice based on need, rather than price.

Do you need a stop advantage in Depth of Field and noise?

Check again. The difference between the EM1 and those other cameras is usually less than 1 stop for noise and DR. In real life you won't see real difference.

The D7100 and presumably the D3300 uses the same sensor .Has A full stop better DR , 1.2 stops better colour depth and .7 of a stop better high ISO than the E-M1 ,these are indeed significant numbers .Remember those heady days when the E-M5 was stated to be “vastly better” than the GH2 with its quarter stop better high ISO

I would say do you really want to have to adjust your camera for every lens in order for it to focus correctly like you do with PDAF (and it still may not be as accurate as CDAF)? Do you want a camera like the D7100 that can't focus very well during video? Do you really want to carry those large lenses everywhere?

If you have to adjust your lens it is a one time job. If you like to to take photos of moving subjects all mFT cameras suck compared to their similar priced DSLR rivals. Many of the lenses are indeed very large but they typically bring better DOF control . An F1.8 lens on Nikon APS needs an F1.2 lens on mFT to match it { same AOV, same DOF  , same total light}.

As for video mFT is a clear winner in the ergonomics stakes . Personally I would not consider using a DSLR for video anywhere other than on a tripod. Though from a straight quality point of view the results from Nikon DSLRs is pretty good. The E-M1 is a far superior camera to this low end Nikon body in every single way apart from image quality.

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