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dale thorn wrote:

EarthQuake wrote:

dale thorn wrote:

The price of Leica lenses made by Leica never "come down". If made by Panasonic for Leica, there may be hope.

Full product name is "Panasonic LUMIX G LEICA DG NOCTICORON 42.5mm / F1.2"

Certainly not a "Leica" as in made in germany and all of that. I can't see any reason to think this won't drop it price over time like the PanLeica 45/2.8, 25/1.4, and the Pana 35-100 and 12-35.

Yep - spoke too soon. Well, they're never going to sell a million of these, but then again I don't see why they would have to discount it. They don't need the money and I doubt it will take up much valuable space in their warehouse.

It's going to be a choice between "Do I spend the $1600 now and make some photos with this lens?", or "Do I wait for the price to come down (if ever) so I can add just another lens that I probably won't use much?"

The latter question is relevant because if it's not "just another lens", but something really important, then why would I wait for an unknown length of time to get it?

Certainty, if you actually need this lens a $2-300 difference probably won't make much difference to you. I hear rumors a few months back that it would be about $1600, so I wasn't surprised. I'll probably pick one up as soon as its available, if not put in a pre-order soon.

My point was, based on recent history and Panasonic's higher end lenses, they generally come down in price after not too long.

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