Some info regarding the new ZS40 TZ/60

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Some info regarding the new ZS40 TZ/60

Forgot which website ...but here are some exerts from a 'first hands on' type stuff:

......According to Panasonic, image quality from the TZ60 at the longest point of the lens is as good as, or better than, that from the TZ40 at its longest point (480mm equivalent). This has been achieved through improving the optics in the lens, which now has 12 elements in nine groups. These operate mechanically as six groups....

....There's also a new Level Shot function that automatically corrects sloping horizons. This is believed to correct by as much as around 40 degrees, but we are awaiting confirmation......

.... In addition, manual focus is available on the TZ60 and for the first time focus peaking has been introduced in a compact camera. As in Panasonic G-series cameras, this highlights areas of strongest contrast (usually the sharpest areas) in the EVF or LCD to make it easier to focus manually. It's even possible to see focusing peaking on the screen of a smartphone or tablet when using Panasonic's remote control app......

...Panasonic has also improved the TZ60's five-axis Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) system by using balls rather than rods to move the OIS element. This makes the adjustment smoother. Consequently, OIS performance is boosted by 0.5EV, allowing images to be taken handheld at up to 3EV slower shutter speeds than normal......

....Autofocus speed has also been improved, with the readout speed from the sensor doubling from 120fps to 240fps.....

...... This 0.2-inch, 200,000-dot device is essentially the same as the unit in the Panasonic LF1, but it has two lenses rather than one to reduce chromatic aberration and generally improve image quality.....

I also read that the LCd now has a AR thinks it's Anti Reflective type.

Sorry for not remembering where I read all this.....wasn't feeling good last night (not much better tonight, either


Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS40 (TZ60)
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