Retouch Q- contrast/light?

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Re: Retouch Q- contrast/light?

There's no substitute for investing the time to learn portrait retouching techniques and all the ins and outs of the Curves tool. But meanwhile there's nothing wrong with using a few quick tricks

I opened your photo in GIMP and applied Filters-G'MIC-Details-YAG Effect.  I used the default values.  YAG, incidentally, stands for "yet another glow."  It warms up an image and often looks good on portraits.  If you don't have the G'MIC plugin, download it from

Then I used Filters-Enhance-Unsharp Mask to lightly sharpen the entire image.  Much more tweaking could be done of course, but this will get you started.

One G'MIC filter and a bit of sharpening

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