The Philosophy of Nikon Df

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Re: D is for Digital, F is for film.

I really like the experience of shooting with my Df, overpriced though it was.  It certainly seems more an intuitive extension than my D800e ever has.  I ended up liking it much better than I thought I would.

But one of its best features it that it drives ordinary people nuts.  They feel compelled to start forum threads with no new input or added value, other than to start bashing it.  Add to that it drives ordinary people with ordinary opinions who happen to have websites and review cameras in order to make clickthrough pennies even crazier.  The first angry group constantly quotes the second angry group, as though the latters' opinion is any more valid than that of any one else in the world.   They all feed on themselves, like Donald Duck throwing a fit.  They throw themselves to the floor  and start gnawing on the carpet.

These people are irrationally driven to distraction.  Got to love it.  At least for a minute or two.  Then it's time to go out and take more pictures with that peachy Df.

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