Time to give up on D300??????

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Time to give up on D300??????


I have been a long time reader of this site (took a leave of absent from reading since 2009 for personal reasons).  I had purchase my Nikon D300 about 6 months after it first became public.  I have tried to learn the huge learning curve that comes with this camera.  The purpose of this camera was to be have functional to the point I could be ready to take pictures of my son in action.  To this day, I have only 7000 actuation (pretty sure the exif is the same) on the body (which is very low mostly through trial and error).

For the life of me, I still can't figure out the correct settings.  I have used other photographers setting on the D300, but to no avail, the camera still gives me somewhat no clear/sharp pictures.  I am at the point of selling the body, keeping the lens and trying a more low level camera (not a point and shoot) but with the setting already selected with the turn of a dial, D90?

But before i sell or trade the camera, I am curious to know what setting you all use on your camera.  I really love the built and quality of this camera but it's frustrating not to get the pictures i want.  I do not want to waste my time with photoshop.  I am willing to try anything to get the quality of the pictures taken.  The setting i want are Sports, Landscape, Portrait, and Point and Shoot (for quick shots).  Any hints?  Once the settings are in place, i really don't want to mess with it again.  The reason i bring this part up is because my family had a photo shoot with some amatuer photographer which she had a Canon, and only used the dial to select the setting.  The overall photos came out great.  Having the Canon is a moot point, its the setting that i'm craving for.  Another point is on new years eve, i saw two photographers (both with Nikon, yippee) take photos without have to adjust their camera settings, did they do this prior to coming inside the building or are the settings set for everything?  See where i'm going with this?

I have had the camera sit for period of time (months) and I feel it's a waste of my money for not using it.  I would prefer to have something to pick up and start shooting right away without the hassle of finding the correct setting.  Again, I do not want a mini point and shoot camera but something that looks and feels like a tank.

Should i decide to sell or trade the camera, what do you think the current value of the body and body with lens (AF-S NIKKOR 18-200mm 1:3.5-5.6 G ED) would be?  I understand that most camera shops will try to low ball the price which I'm very hesitant to go that route but would like to see what they could offer trade with cash.

Thanks and hope to hear from some photographers soon.


Nikon D300 Nikon D90
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