14-54MkII vs 12-60 SWD Locked

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Re: 14-54MkII vs 12-60 SWD

historianx wrote:

Dont know about the MkII but I have the MKI and the 12-60, and the latter is light years better in ACCURATE low light a/f, case in point my 12-60 is my go-to lens for close proximity informal fashion shows in dimly lit environments like lounges and bars. One night by mistake I picked up my MKI instead of the 12-60, and it was unusable (on E-5)

I'm not saying you're wrong here, but isn't it odd how two lenses of almost equal light gathering perform so differently in poor light - especially as the 14-54 is actually pretty nippy at AF in good light.

Why would the lens make such a difference in performance on the same body?

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