Sigma 50mm f1.4 ART

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Re: Sigma 50mm f1.4 ART

For the 58f1.4, It is a big chunk of plastic with few elements in it, warped in a lamentable marketing campaign and ... a golden ring. Poor engineer who was forced to churn out a whole blabla on the "subjectivity" ... the artistic "thing" of this lens ... "It is not that sharp but... ya know ... this is a character lens ... well ... humm ... should I write about any more boss ??? "

A 30 years old 50 f12 is sharp at F1.2 and have character. Nobody can come here, pompous, to say that this 58mm oddity is the pinnacle of the 50mm lens line. Ridiculous.

Who the hell can swallow this ?? In his correct mind I mean !!

Like the DF ... poor camera seriously.

(and I tested it !!!).

And don't be fooled !! I love Nikon and use Nikon every day. They are absoluttely not what they used to be, period.

SIGMA is on fire but more than that : They provide to the public what the public want.

Nikon provide to the public some things that the public do not really want after all. Go fork out 1700 US$ for the plastic fantastic 58mm if it please you.

We both know that SIGMA gain and will gain far more credit and popularity, big time. No need precognition for that, just common sens.

Nikon users wait many lenses and camera since along time, like the D400, and AS-G 135 f2 optimized for portrait for exemple... and many more... or a D4 sensor in a D800 body ...

They can but they don't. Forums and unpopularity are the reflect of the last years Nikon move.

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