Retouch Q- contrast/light?

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Re: Retouch Q- contrast/light?

SoCalArtist wrote:

I am new to retouching and I'm curious how to get a photo from


to here


Does the original photo need to have been taken in natural light, as the goal photo clearly is, or is it something that can be achieved through retouching? Curious what y'all would do.

Note: original photo not taken to mimic goal photo, it just happened to match. I'm a fan of this photographers work and would like to work to get my photos similar in style/lighting. I use Gimp, but I also have photoshop elements.

Thanks in advance for your help!

The goal image may have been taken in daylight, but it is the quality and control of the lighting that is different. Your image does not appear to be tack sharp (and I'm not a pixel peeper) and her makeup is not as well applied as your goal shot. I see this as less of a 'retouching' concern and more of a shooting/lighting issue.

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