Are Full Frame SLRs Obsolete?

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Re: Are APS-C SLRs Obsolete?

I think we are pretty much in agreement, there are more lenses for APS-C, mainly though they are lenses who's function already existed for 35mm.  There are some exceptions, but not many.  Some EF-S lenses have a greater range than any equivalent 35mm lens, especially for the size, but they tend not to be top quality.  I would love a 600$ equivalent to the Sigma 17-50 f2.8 OS though for 35mm, thus far it doesn't exist.  Even if you go f4 for equivalent DOF the current constant aperture stabilized lenses are a good bit more cash for 35mm.

When we start to see 35mm cameras in rebel bodies with more affordable quality lenses APS-C will certainly go away, and we'll get there, I'm sure.  I think this is where we somewhat disagree.  I don't think the majority of the APS-C crowd will go down in market, but rather up in sensor size as these are the folks who would have been buying 35mm film cameras back in the day...the AE-1 crowd, if you will.  The only reason they don't own 6D's is because it is still 2-3x the cost of the current rebels.

joger wrote:

Keith Z Leonard wrote:

APS-C does have a larger selection of lenses than 35mm

in shier numbers maybe yes - simply because the APS-C lenses don't fit the 35 mm format. From an application view there is IMHO no question that your get at least as much flexibility for real world applications and you can always crop your FF image as long as the pixel count is high enough for the end result and viewing distance - nikon did a great job with the D800E and Sony continues with the A7R. No need for cropping at the beginning - I think too that the APS-C format will die sooner or later completely and be consumed by SmartPhone cameras and smaller sensor formats being much cheaper to be manufactured.

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