Surprised by S110, very surprised.

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Re: Surprised by S110, very surprised.

Allan martin wrote:

Well I havent been able to identify any real difference between their pics, Im no expert though, but Im inclined to think that people saying s120 is worse is just a matter of poor technique.

I've read reviews telling me s110 was crappy too, but then I see these pics...Do you guys agree it's all subjective or you really think the s110 is superior?

It`s not important what others think, it`s important what you think and what you can actually seewith your own eyes as you have them both at the moment People can have both great and terrible experience with both models, and applying that to units you have might not be fair.

If you don`t see any major difference between the two, and you can live fine with S110 features, then I guess opting for it as it`s much cheaper would be a good decision.

On the other hand, if you`re willing to pay (much) more in order to get all the small improvements (and there are quite a few) that S120 brought in order keep it for years to come, then choosing S120 might work well for you.

From online expert reviews, one might assume that S120 is in fact (pretty much) better, but hey, everyone is allowed his personal opinion/preference, and even not all the units are of the same quality.

Here`s one of my recent posts on S110 / S120 comparison -- link.

Again, as you have them both in your hands at the moment, you can make the best decision for yourself. Just see which one you like more for every day use, and once you pick it, don`t think about it anymore

I opted for S120 myself, but I would totally understand someone picking S110 instead, it`s all about what you want/need and what you`re willing to pay for.

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