Is the GXR line dead? I guess I am late to the party!

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Re: Is the GXR line dead? I guess I am late to the party!


I fear Ricoh is loosing me.

Ricoh might lose me as well. Not anytime soon though but probably later if there non aps-c compacts are like the PX and HZ-15 etc. I've not been overly positive on the last two Ricoh compacts which I've used. The G700 and the CX4. It is mainly the grey-looking noise which I don't like, but also other things like the unprecise joystick-like controller navigate in menus which I find less good compared to the usual four-way buttons on older R-series comapcts from Ricoh.

The R3 is probably my second most used camera this year, after the Contax TVS Digital. I'll hang on to that R3 as long as there is no other newer Travelzoom with low NR for jpegs and HD videos. The 500SE is very niched and bulky. It has not seen a lot of use this year as I could expect it myself, but when I have used it, it have worked very well for most of the time.

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